Daily Archives: February 7, 2012

Take Me To ‘The River’

If it got a fraction as much hype from its network as “Smash” did from NBC, you’d know that “The River” (ABC, 9 p.m.) is the second great broadcast offering in as many days (and the second with Steven Spielberg’s name on it). It’s a modern day “Heart of Darkness”/”Apocalypse Now” in which a TV […]

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Also on Tuesday: ‘Doomsday Preppers,’ ‘NCIS’ 200th

Chicken Little is king on the mean-spirited new series “Doomsday Preppers” (National Geographic, 9 p.m.) in which the super-paranoid prepare for the worst for the sole purpose of viewers to make fun of them. More than that, it’s misleading: Only at the end are viewers told there is little or no possibility their fears are […]

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