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How Much Spielberg Is In ‘Smash’?

How involved is Steven Spielberg in the new “Smash”? After all, his name appears on so many movies and TV shows these days, you begin to wonder how much involvement he has, especially in the small-screen stuff. But Bob Greenblatt, entertainment president of NBC said it was Spielberg himself who pitched the idea, while Greenblatt […]

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Monday TV: ‘Smash’ and NBC’s ‘Super Monday’ Push

It’s surprising nobody’s thought to do it before: Get the clever people behind Broadway shows to do television. “Glee” proved there was an audience for shows with song, and “South Park” proved there was a shared sensibility at least. And the new “Smash” (NBC, 10 p.m.) shines with the talent of people in front and […]

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What Hath the Super Bowl Wrought?

How’d the Super Bowl get to be a national holiday? It’s another professional sports championship turned national bad snack eating day with an emphasis on commercials and inordinate interest in halftime performances. It’s the biggest single TV audience of the year and I guess that’s what makes it a big deal. But the contents of […]

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