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The Littlest ‘Survivor’

Among the new things on “Survivor: One World” that starts tonight on CBS – other than the splitting of genders, elimination of Redemption Island, changing of hidden immunity rules, or two tribes sharing a beach – is that the show has its first little person. Leif Manson, a phlebotomist from San Diego, is the show’s […]

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Wednesday TV: ‘Survivor’ Start, Shue Fits on ‘CSI’

There will be few new twists when the new “Survivor: One World” (CBS, 8 p.m.) begins tonight. It’ll be men vs. women, for one thing, but both tribes will live on the same beach, meaning there may be some nocturnal fraternizing. The rules for hidden immunity idols have changed as well; when one finds one, […]

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Ameena Matthews for President

In Steve James’ powerful documentary “The Interrupters,” that debuted on “Frontline” tonight, a star and leader and role model was introduced to the nation in the form of Ameena Matthews. Her boss, Tio Hardman of the Chicago-based CeaseFire says, “I look at Ameena as the 21st century Harriet Tubman.” But Matthews, speaking to reporters at […]

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