Round-faced young singer Jeremy Rosado, voted out last week but saved as a wild card pick, was voted out again this week by “American Idol” voters.

Clearly, they were not persuaded by what a nice guy he was, though he didn’t do that badly on his Stevie Wonder song Wednesday.

Somebody had to go, said judges who got the apparently one-week duty to choose between the male and female with the lowest vote totals. That pit Rosado, 19, of Valrico, Fla/, against Elise Testone, 28, of Charleston, .C., who was upended by changing her song at the last minute and not enjoying it much.

It was the second consecutive night of surprise rule change as it was announced the judges choice was a “one week only” thing. It appears it will be a straight bottom three with the low vote taken out next week.

Also in the bottom three males with Rosado was another wild card pick, low voiced Jermaine Jones, as well as gospel singer Joshua Ledet.

Also in the bottom three females were Erika Van Pelt, a wild card choice, as well as Shannon Magrane, the Tampa 16-year-old who had trouble navigating her Whitney Houston selection.

The elimination leaves an even dozen in the competition and Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips the seeming frontrunners as far as audience favorites.