Making the World Safe for Black Nerds

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key say conditions in Washington have helped create a welcoming atmosphere for its new sketch comedy show “Key & Peele” that began tonight on Comedy Central,

“Obama was the best thing for black nerds everywhere,” Jordan Peele told reporters at TV critics press tour earlier this month. “Finally we had a role model.”

“Right, exactly,” Keegan-Michael Key says . “It’s okay for black people to walk down the street saying, “Yeah ‘Star Trek!’”

“Before Obama, we basically had Urkel,” Peele says.

“So basically we had a cartoon as the role model,” Key says.

The two, who formerly worked on “MadTV” and are apparently close enough to finish eachother’s ideas model their show on another of their heroes however.

So “Key & Peele” is patterned after Dave Chappelle’s old show, that blends sketches with standup.

“Chappelle, of course, is a hero of ours,” Peele says.

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